How You Can Help


The cost of living is high in comparison to wages. Families are in desperate situations with inadequate shelter, low paid jobs and lack of food.

In addition to building solid homes Project Mercy Baja runs a handful of other projects to help the families we meet.

We can all help provide needy families with food by making a small donation to Project Mercy. We have an ongoing program purchasing bulk food in Mexico and delivering it to different families.

We also provide basic furnishings purchased in Mexico such as a folding table and chairs and stove top ranges when needed and when the recipient is unable to afford these basics.

Every dollar donated to Project Mercy counts towards putting some food on the table.Thank you for your consideration. Together we can help put food on the table for children living in poverty.

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How is the construction program run?
Construction is done through the combined effort of US volunteers and local Mexican program participants. Upcoming recipients of housing work together to lay the concrete slabs and help the US volunteers to build the houses. Latrines are generally built by the house owners themselves; the materials and plans are provided by the corporation. The Project Mercy program is operated on a sweat equity basis. Volunteers with home construction skills are desperately needed.

Where does the money for the program come from?
Funding for the Project Mercy program comes from a variety of sources, a handful of foundations, Rotary Clubs and Churches, but mainly from a wide group of individuals scattered across the globe.

What can you do to help?
Each house costs $7,000. An outhouse latrine costs $800. Monetary donations are always appreciated no matter how small. All donations from within the U.S.A. are tax-deductible.

We would like to encourage service groups, churches, youth groups, and any other organizations or clubs to fund and build a new home for families in desperate need. We also welcome families, friends and colleagues to join together in this amazing and uplifting experience

How do I donate online?
Click the “Donate” button to connect to PayPal and make your contribution.

Donations can still be sent directly to Project Mercy at:
P.O. Box 500402
San Diego, CA 92150-0402