More food, more foundation slabs may sound like more of the same, but to the handful of families on the receiving end it is making a world of difference.

As we have reported before, times are hard everywhere but no more so than in the colonias where we work east of Tijuana.  Money to buy adequate food is scarce and so this past week we helped a handful of families in Las Alondras with a little bundle of food to help them out.  These are the families that will be receiving homes that are pre-built and shipped down from our Special Build in Chula Vista on October 24.  Our good friend Roberto re-enacted his role of “Robin Hood” and delivered the groceries to them.

At the same time as delivering the food, Roberto and crew were laying the last of the foundation slabs for the October Special House Build.  Happiness abounds and smiling faces full of hope warm our hearts.

Project Mercy Baja is really grateful that we are able to continue to help our neighbors across the border even though we cannot get there ourselves.  We give thanks to our sponsors, to our Mexican crew, and our construction manager John Zawis here in San Diego.