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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is here but loyal supporters and volunteers give year-round to help desperate families along the border in  Mexico.


Special Event in Chula Vista on November 18, 2023

More than 130 volunteers from all over the U.S.A. will build 8 homes in one day for needy Tijuana families.

On Saturday November 18, 2023, more than 130 volunteers from allover the country come to CHULA VISTA to build 8 homes for needy families IN ONE DAY. The ready-to-assemble homes will be driven to east Tijuana where a local crew will raise the houses. The amazing volunteer group have been supporting devastatingly poor families in east Tijuana through Project Mercy since 2003. They have built over 300 houses since that time, bringing different participants to San Diego twice per year.

The event will take place at a Chula Vista site donated for this event by HomeFed Corporation of Carlsbad.

Project Mercy Baja is extremely grateful for their continuing support and enthusiasm in helping change the world of neighbors in need in the east Tijuana region where we work.

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