Hunger is first and foremost on the minds of many families in the outlying neighborhoods of Tijuana.

Roberto paid a visit to  the isolated colonia of Jose Torres to check on foundation slabs that have been waiting for us to build on since March. The desperate families there asked if we could get another delivery of food to them. Back in May, Roberto gave out bundles of food from Project Mercy to the same group – read about it in this blog post “Roberto has become a local Robin Hood“.

Usually packages of food are primarily beans and rice but this time the families made a special request for eggs to give some extra protein to their children. The cost of eggs has risen by 25% in Mexico since COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head, along with hefty increases in other food items.

The group of families in Jose Torres live a long way from the road and market. Grocery items are not only expensive and hard to get a hold of, but transportation is difficult too. Many of them do not have transportation of their own and those that do have a hard time affording the gas for their rickety cars. They make a living sorting through the nearby recycling plant for items for sale to eke out a meager living. Most of them have never had much, if any, schooling and lack qualifications or training for other work, so they don’t have many options. We are so glad Roberto went over there to update the house building situation and was kindhearted enough to volunteer to purchase and deliver food to them for Project Mercy.

We hope we can return to build houses on the existing foundation slabs very soon.