On April 27 Kevin Connolly led the First Christian Church of Burbank, Church of the Valley and other congregations, family and friends in a bi-annual house build in Mexico.

They built a home for the Beltrui Juarez family, who are originally from Playa del Carmen.  Like most of the other migrants to the Tijuana region they came north because of lack of work in their home town, and hopes for a better future for their son.  Their plot of land is high in the rocky hills east of Tijuana and life is difficult.  They spend a lot of money renting a solar panel for electricity so that their 12 year old son Jose can do his school work.  Father Juan Luis works in a factory but their income barely covers living expenses and there is nothing left over to improve the condition of the shack they lived in.

On April 27 all that changed and photographer Richard Valentin put together this video which covers several of the groups experiences with Project Mercy Baja.

Thanks to you all for believing in our mission and supporting our house-building program in Mexico.