Project Mercy has been able to provide a bumper collection of new homes this spring through several wonderful groups.

Our mega house builder Mike Meziere has led five house builds just since April 13. The Svajian family, Chula Vista Rotary, the Kyle Freitas family and friends double build, and this past weekend Incarnation Lutheran Church and St. Bartholomews Episcopal Church, both of Poway.

International Relief Teams (IRT) continued with their much appreciated ongoing support

The First Christian Church of Burbank made the first of this year’s trips all the way down from Burbank with fellow church members from the area.

Dave Mason, a group leader and our Board Chairman worked with Encitintas Rotary as well as his own group “Wild at Heart“, and the National League of Young Men (NLYM).

And we must mention our own Project Mercy crew led by John Zawis, Project Mercy construction manager, who have built an additional three houses this spring.

All together 10 houses since March 16, a total of 18 this year and with more to come after mid May.

There are so many happy and grateful families with a new home in Mexico.  Many thanks to all participants, past, present and future.