The family and friends of Stefan Montgomery wanted to make his birthday this year something extra special. His wife Coleen called us and gave us the wonderful news that his gift would be to build a house in Mexico for one of the many families living in poverty.

The Sanchez Franco family

Nancy and Victor had a shack in a neighborhood high in the hills of east Tijuana. They have two little boys, Caleb, 6 years old and Luis Angel just 3 years. Nancy is due to have a new baby any day now and said: “We are struggling financially and trying to improve our little room before the baby comes, but our basic household expenses require most of our income and we will have more expenses once the baby arrives.”

They had saved up to buy a lot to build a home but typically, could only afford a small room. The winds are strong in the hills and in the winter months the wind blew the rain into the house through the holes in the walls and roof. Because of the location of their shack there were times that there was so much mud that they couldn’t get out to work or take their son to school.

Their situation became even more desperate when Victor broke his leg just above the knee, was unable to work in the taco shop where he had been earning $121 per week, and they could not afford medical treatment.

When Coleen and Stefan learned of the situation, they told their friends and managed to collect extra money to give to the family for both medical help and food. What a wonderful gift! Project Mercy is so grateful for their compassion in going above and beyond for the Sanchez Franco family. Nancy and Victor both said: “Thank you for everything you do and also thank you very much for taking our family into account for a decent is so important for our children to have a secure and comfortable house.”