Dave Mason and his friends were all set to build a home for single mother Arin, her son Leonal, 4, and new baby girl, on July 15. The build had been planned for a couple of months and he had a good crew. Then the devastatingly high temperatures of this summer hit us all. His crew quickly disappeared and Dave was left with just a couple of helpers. Non-the-less, Project Manager John Zawis was able to rally our Mexican local crew to not only help Dave accomplish his plans to help Arin, but to also build for her mother (also single) and three teen daughters who live next door.

Mom Evangelina has been a single mother of four daughters for 17 years. She alone has been totally responsible for raising them and for providing them with an education. The two youngest, Diana and Noemi, are still at school. Her daughter Arin is separated from her 4 year old son’s father and has just had a baby girl. They were all crowded in together with mom and sisters; 5 adults, a four year old and a new baby.

Dave’s determination to build this little family a home in which Arin’s children can grow in spite of the searing heat, and John’s tenacity to the Project Mercy mission of improving lives, made last Saturday’s build an impressive event. Thank you all for going above and beyond the expected.