The Cox Family

On April 28 the Cox family and friends flew to San Diego on a special quest, to build a Project Mercy Baja house for a needy family, in honor of their late daughter Liberty Love Henkel. It was an emotional but triumphant day for both the Cox family and for Adalid Preciado Tapla and her two children. Adalid and her children lost their husband and dad to Covid-19 a few months ago, he was just 37 years old. They went from having a good family life with support to losing everything. Fate brought these two families together and gave everyone hope for the future.

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The Meziere Family

This past weekend, April 30, Project Mercy was fortunate to have four excellent crews building in a variety of locations. Mike Meziere and his family were one of those much appreciated groups. We matched them with the Espinoza Barrios family of seven. Mike’s daughters were excited to work for a family with five daughters, and the result was a beautifully feminine purple house with pink interior walls! Everyone was very excited. Before the build mother Antonia told us that her husband has to look for work constantly and she and her eldest daughters try to keep things going by selling candy on the streets. The Meziere family has given their lives a real boost.

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Ware Malcomb Architects

With a lot of support from DPR Construction and Vesta, Matt Brady and Ware Malcomb colleagues jumped in with both feet to build the Mejia Hernandez family a nice new home. The house was funded in part by The Bravo Foundation with a generous additional donation from Matt himself. Being professional framers the DPR construction crew did an excellent job in record time. Efrain Mejia Hernandez works as a street vendor and only earns around $50 per week, but Efrain and Araceli’s children are aiming for the stars. Daughter Maite wants to be a computer programmer and son Jonathan wants to be an astronaut. Matt surprised them both with laptop computers to help them on their way.