Incarnation Lutheran Church of Poway built a house for a needy family this past weekend. The build was spearheaded by Jake Johnson and was executed with the expertise skilled leadership of Mike Meziere and his family.  The enthusiastic group built a home for another desperate family living in poverty east of Tijuana.
Here is the Hernandez Gurierrez family’s story:
Ofelia and Marco have three children, Karen, Perla and Aimee.  All three girls are good students and 15 year old Karen dreams of becoming a teacher.  Marco works in a factory and earns just $92 per week
Ofelia says:  “We came to Tijuana about one year ago in hopes of finding a better future, but it has been difficult.  The factories pay very little and we can’t afford basic household expenses.  We are paying for the land monthly and we eat what we can get and sometimes go without.
She continues to say that a good home would take away a lot of their worries and would give them stability and the peace of mind of being able to provide for their daughters.
Thank you Incarnation Lutheran Church congregation for providing the means for this family to see their dreams come true