On March 12, Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary worked into the night, but they and lead builder Mike Meziere made sure that the Flores Lugo family had a solid house at the end of the day.

Ana Laura and her husband Nestor have three children, Jesus 14, Carlos 13 and Lluvia Yamile 12. Ana says : “We have no electricity or potable water. We sleep on the dirt floor. Our bathroom is a hole in the ground. Dust gets in through parts of the house that are uncovered and it gets very cold or very hot depending on the weather. My husband lost his left eye when he was 19 and because of that disability no one wants to give him a job. We do our best to manage the money carefully and eat when we can afford to buy food. I make and sell donuts in the streets to help with the household expenses.”

Life is tough for these poorest of families trying to make a future for themselves and their families. Thank you Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary for your generosity and willingness to help those in need.

On March 19, a caring and anonymous donor sponsored a home for the Raimundo Higuera family, Gertrudia and Isael and their daughters Evelin 14 and Kimberly, 10. John and our Mexican crew, with help from the family itself, built the home. Their living conditions were as bad as those related for the previous family.

Mom Gertrudia told us: “Our little house is a small, wooden room. The roof is made of foam panels and canvas. The kitchen is outdoors. The floor is dirt and the mattresses where we sleep are lying on the ground. When there are strong winds, the little house shakes very hard and we feel like it is going to fall on top of us.”

Project Mercy is so very grateful to be able to build both families a solid home and give them hope for a better future life.