DPR Construction was not able to participate in Baja Challenge in 2021 and so they very generously sponsored three houses.  On February 5, 2022 we built their THIRD house.

Linda and Jose Sambrana Cartagena have three children and they worried about their health and safety.  Linda said “We have no electricity or water.  The children are afraid of the night and worry someone will break in and take our things.”

Juan used to work as a drywall installer but the pandemic has made it difficult to find regular work and they often go hungry. They were certainly not in a position to improve on their difficult living conditions.

Now they can look forward to using their meager funds to buying better food and provide a better life for their children in a safe home of their own.  Thank you DPR, we will look forward to meeting up with you all for Baja Challenge 2022!