The Castellano Arevelo family received a true gift on January 15: a solid roof over their heads.

In Nanci Arevelo’s own words:

Our little house is too small for our family. We only have a bunk bed. Kevin sleeps on top and the rest of us sleep on the bottom. The walls and roof are made with tarps which let the wind and rain in. I don’t have a stove so I cook outside with fire wood. Our bathroom is just a hole in the ground and is very unsanitary. We have no electricity and have to buy water from a passing truck. The money that my husband earns is not enough to cover our household expenses. He was a mason, but hurt his knee so he has to work as a helper and makes less money. Having a decent house would be a dream come true for us.

We all send a big thank you to the Jack DeLoss Taylor Charitable Trust for the grant donation in the name of Mr. Jack Taylor that made this family’s dreams come true.