ALL HALLOWS CATHOLIC CHURCH of La Jolla, came to the rescue this summer when they sponsored and pre-built wall units for a house in eastern Tijuana. The walls were shipped to Tecate after our Chula Vista event in June.  In spite of a taxing agenda, the last of these houses was raised by our Mexican crew this past week.  The impoverished Mondragon Agatun family is deeply grateful and very happy, here is their story:

Mother Ricarda was born in Acapulco and her husband Rafael in Guerrero.  They migrated with 13 year old Rosa Linet to Tijuana about 18 months ago in search of work and a better life.  But the reality of the cost of living along the border is harsh and the pandemic severely cut back the number of hours they could work.

As is sadly typical in these migrant neighborhoods, the shanties are flimsy, when it rains occupants get wet, they suffer in the cold, there is no electricity and the floor is just dirt.  In the summer hot and dusty winds blow through their dwellings.

Ricarda says: ” We wash our clothes in buckets.  Transportation is far away so we have trouble not only getting to work but to the store for food.  My daughter (Rosa Liset) studies online and depends on the battery of her cell phone.  Since we don’t have electricity, we depend on a neighbor to charge her phone and sometimes she has to miss her classes.”

Being of very low income, Ricarda and Rafael had no way out of their desperate living conditions. We are so very grateful for long time supporters and friends of Project Mercy Baja, Renate and Gerry.  They encouraged their friends and the congregation of All Hallows Catholic Church to build a new solid house, and gave this family a brand new start and hope for the future.