A few months ago our Team met the Gomez Garcia family on their lot in the colonia of Las Alondras, in the east Tijuana area where Project Mercy Baja builds homes for poor and needy families.  We were amazed to discover that there were 9 members of the family living in the two tiny shacks on their site.  The number of family members has since risen to 11 with Maria’s eldest daughter and her baby.

When we heard their story we were both saddened but determined to improve their lives as best we could.

In addition to raising her own three children, Maria has taken legal responsibility for her four nieces and nephews; Kimberly, 14, Octavio, 12, Fabian, 8 and little Alexa Sophia, just 3 years old.

Maria’s sister, and mother of these four children, was killed 10 months ago by her estranged husband. Sadly, two of the children witnessed the event and they are all having a hard time coping. Young Fabian in particular has nightmares all the time.  Maria’s elder sister has moved in to help out but it is all very difficult.

Needless to say their cramped and totally inadequate living conditions did nothing to help the situation.  We were extremely grateful for the kindness of a loyal friend, supporter and donor, who funded the construction of a Project Mercy house for the family.

Construction manager John Zawis was touched to the core by the family story and living conditions and decided to figure out a way to build on an addition to the house so that everyone could spread out a little and have some space of their own.  Again loyal supporters and friends came forward with additional funding and this past weekend our Mexican crew led by John and friends, built  the much needed extra room.

The Project Mercy board of directors is really grateful to everyone that made this happen and to John for his determination to take the extra step forward and give them the house and space they needed for a better future.