Estela was diagnosed with leukemia 7 years ago. After treatment, she was told she was cancer-free in 2015 but the cancer returned last year. She was also diagnosed with a cerebral tumor and on February 5th, 2020, she had surgery. She was given a total of 30 radiation treatments in Mexicali followed by chemotherapy.

Estela works in a factory and earns 1200 pesos per week ($62). She has 2 children and dreams of becoming a lawyer. Her son José Ángel, 4, likes dinosaurs, excavation machines, and enjoys drawing. He wants to be a policeman. Two year old Karen Elizabeth likes playing with dolls and dancing, she is like a little doll herself.

Their living conditions were pitiful, a dirt floor, plastic sheeting for a roof and as is typical for the impoverished families of the area. scrap wood walls.

Her mother Martha said ”We don’t have electricity or water, and don’t have a decent roof. We have a lot of debts due to Estela’s medical expenses, land payments and other living expenses) Conrad, my husband, who is nearly 60, has trouble finding work because of his age and no one wants to give him a job. We are worried what will happen if Estela loses her job. Despite all this, we are happy as a family. ”

Project Mercy is very grateful to a loyal sponsor who enabled us to build this extended family a solid home at last. Construction manager John told us that the family happily worked alongside the Mexican crew. He added that Estela was very emotional due to her serious medical problems but overwhelmed by the loving support she has received. “Many a joyous tear was shed.”

Their livelihood is precarious and expenses are a constant worry. If you want to make a contribution to help this family donate now.