Project Mercy Construction Manager John Zawis continues to amaze all that know him with his endless volunteer efforts to help people in need both overseas and here in California.

As we have emphasized many times, Project Mercy has an incredible Mexican Construction Crew without whom we would not have been able to continue our mission to build solid houses for impoverished families in 2020. Although some of them have been helping Project Mercy for up to 20 years, it is John who has brought them together and molded them into such an impressive team.

John has been helping on projects for those less fortunate for many years. Since retiring from the Navy in 2014, he became a full-time volunteer and has dedicated his time to building houses with Habitat for Humanity, Corazón, and International Relief Teams, as well as providing eyeglasses to indigenous populations in Guatemala and supporting FEMA disaster recovery efforts in Alaska, Saipan, and St Croix.

While spending much of his time as Construction Manager for Project Mercy over the past four years, he has continued to provide his services to several of these other humanitarian groups. Just this past year, during a lull in the COVID-19 pandemic, John and some of his buddies, following strict protocols, traveled to Redding and Middletown in northern California to aid in building new homes for wildfire victims even as nearby fires raged.

We are really grateful that John has chosen to dedicate his time and talents to the Project Mercy building efforts in Mexico. Thank you John Zawis, you are a truly valued Leader and integral part of our Team