The first house of 2021 was built in memory of Therese Webster, for a needy family in Mexico, who received the blessing of a home on January 9, 2021. The house was built to honor Therese ‘s birthday on January 11, and was funded by a most caring and loving family member.

Therese lived a full life and passed away a few weeks ago surrounded by limited family members. Although relatives could not get together, our donor wanted to give back something meaningful in memory of this lady. The family featured here was the recipient of this generosity.

The Trujano Hernandez family includes mom, Maria, dad, Ernesto, daughter Maria Belen (ageĀ  8), son Samuel (age 1) and grandma Mauricia. The economy in Mexico is really bad and their resources limited, and even more so in this time of COVID-19, that they were only able to build themselves a tiny room to live in. Grandma and Maria were able to sleep in the tiny shack, however Maria, Ernesto and little Samuel slept in the back of an old small car.

But now thanks to our donor we have been able to change all that and give them a chance of a better future in a new home. Our Mexican team and John Zawis joined forces this past weekend to build their house. The family was overjoyed and extremely grateful. They were told that the house was being built in Therese’s memory and mom Maria said they would always remember her.