These two families had been waiting for a home for a year and would still be waiting if it weren’t for a a very kind and generous donor. As is the case, alas, for many people this year, building was postponed due to COVID-19. However one of our supporters made the decision to sponsor them before the onset of winter months.

The first house to be built was for the Alcantar Contreras family of eight. With three young children, and two teens still studying, their income is very limited. David, who is 52, works tending horses and only earns around $45 per week, he also has a herniated disc, which makes it hard for him to work at times. Typically for the impoverished families of the region, their house is made of scrap wood with a dirt floor and a plastic tarp for a roof. They dreamed of better living conditions where they can all be safe and comfortable.

In a different neighborhood lives the Velazques Calvillo family of seven. There are two small children and two teenage students. Juan Velazques is the main breadwinner, working as a mason’s assistant and earning about $75 per week when he can find work. His daughter Maria, a single mother, works nights to help support her 4 year old son Osbaldo. They have quite a few medical problems but their economical situation holds them back from being able to get all the medical attention needed. Their house is very small and some of the family slept on blankets on the floor, they worried for everyone’s safety.

A home at last for two families thanks to a generous sponsor who wished to remain anonymous but to whom we are all forever grateful.