Zeani is just 17, and Ezequias is 18, they were both brought to Tijuana as children by their parents. They met in secondary school and have been together for 4 years. They have a sweet little boy, Juan Angel just 16 months old. Ezequias scavenges in the local dump, recycling scrap material, and earns about $45 per week depending on what he can find.

When we first met them they lived in a small shack with a dirt floor, they were shy and obviously adored their son son but were desperate for help. “When the wind blows it shakes the house and we feel as if it is going to fall down.” Zeani told us.

They dreamed of a home where they could feel secure and less worried about their son and his health. They had to take out a bank loan to pay for his delivery and to make land payments. Ezequias says “We are very, very limited economically so we could never afford to build a better house of our own.”

Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary changed their lives forever with their generous donation. Zeani and Ezequias had been scheduled for a home back at the end of April, then came COVID-19 and their dreams disappeared. The Rotary club gave us their permission to use their donation to go ahead and build a house with our guys in Mexico. So last Saturday we build our very first house since March 14. They wore masks and worked slowly and securely with just the core crew.

We are so very happy and grateful to everyone that made such a life changing difference to this young family. A big thank you to RB Sunrise Rotary.