Tirsa and Cesar are two of our most loyal, friendly and skilled volunteers. Project Mercy built them a house in May of 2017. They have continued to work with us ever since that day and are now among the most valued members of our Mexican Work Crew. / Read their story……

They were desperate to have a solid and secure home for their two children, Milca and Santiago. Tirsa has told us:”The most important thing for us is to provide our children with an adequate home where they can feel safe and we can provide the stability that they need. You have helped us to fulfill that dream. Your generosity will never be forgotten. You give us comfort and you give us hope for which we thank you with all our heart. God bless you always.”

Nowadays however, there is a dark cloud over their happiness as with all of us. Tirsa and Cesar stay at home as much as possible thanks to Project Mercy supporters who are helping us provide them and our other volunteers with a bi-monthly stipend to buy food. But many people have lost their jobs or had their hours cut. Although they try to distance themselves to keep safe, families are hungry and need to earn a little money to buy food, and so they must venture out of the safety of their homes.

Families both sides of the border are dealing with uncertainty and worry. We will prevail and we won’t forget our friends in Mexico. We hope to see you soon.