We have volunteers from both sides of the border waiting to get back to work. We hope to have our Mexican Crew start work late August and get some groups together this Fall in Chula Vista. Both will involve a good amount of social distancing in a secure setting. Let’s get back to work!

Project Mercy is excited to announce a new opportunity for you and your group

We understand the concerns many people may have regarding working in Mexico at the present time. As a result we have developed a safe way for groups to join us in the construction of housing components on a site in Chula Vista that has been made available to us through one of our Board Members.

These units will be shipped to Mexico and raised onsite by our great Mexican crew. As with our usual builds in Mexico, this is a one day event and each sponsoring group will receive a biography of the family for whom their house is being constructed and follow up photos after it is built.

We are inviting you to take part in a special day of construction this Fall in Chula Vista:

  • The site is a large flat open area with ample space for up to five groups
  • We will employ safety guidelines for these events
  • The large lot will support a significant amount of social distancing between and within groups
  • Much of the lumber can be pre-cut if desired
  • There will be experienced volunteers on site to guide and assist

In spite of the deep sadness and frustration we feel at the postponement of building in Mexico due to the pandemic, YOU CAN STILL HELP. If you remain uncomfortable crossing the border over the next few months, we fully understand. As an alternative, you can participate in a house build in Chula Vista. And if you cannot build, please consider sponsoring a family.

We are happy to work with you to make this endeavor a reality and a fulfilling experience for your group.

(858) 513-1847

You Can Make A Difference

There are so many Baja families in desperate need who are struggling to survive during these difficult times. Now more than ever, there is simply no way they can afford to improve their housing situations themselves. Many people have been laid off from their jobs or had their hours significantly cut, at the same time prices for the majority of food items have risen by up to 25%, including basics such as beans and rice.

We are happy to work with you to make this endeavor a reality and a fulfilling experience for your group.