As we enter a phase of “new normal” here in the US, our friends in Mexico are facing a devastating increase in cases everywhere.

We are hearing from our friends, the Mexican worker crew in Tijuana, on the current situation they are living in. They tell us there are reported cases of COVID-19 in several of the areas where we work including both the San Nicolas colonia and the upper section of the Antorcha colonia. For now there seems to be no reported cases in Jose Torres, Santa Fe, the lower section of Antorcha, and Trebol.

However, since there is very little testing, it’s impossible to know how many actual or asymptomatic cases there are.

The people in the colonias remain in fear because the clinics are full of coronavirus cases and they don’t know who might have the virus and when they might get it.

We keep our fingers crossed for our friends south of the border. We have been able to wire some money to our Mexican workers every two weeks which helps them from getting desperate and taking risks in search of work in order to feed their families. They have sent messages thanking us for the money, but they all feel a little guilty because the money has provided enough food their immediate families, but others are suffering even more with no help in sight.

As reported in a previous blog we have made efforts to get food to other families and we will continue to do what we can while keeping safety first and foremost.