Heart of the Samurai

Since May of 2004, Klemmer & Associates have been bringing their amazing “Heart of the Samurai” participants to San Diego to work with Project Mercy.

The volunteers have helped fundraise and build homes for over 100 families in dire need in the east Tijuana, Mexico area. In addition volunteers collect food and other non-perishable items to ease the lives of these people, and always provide a little extra by way of toys for the children. They have also helped to build school buildings, playgrounds and a community center in eastern Tijuana.  They have worked in the mud and rain and on one occasion in 110 degree heat. “Heart” participants have proved themselves over and over again to be people of great integrity and compassion and are always willing to take on a challenge.

Project Mercy gives our profound thanks to this incredible group and looks forward to their next visit. Please check on the calendar for next “Heart” builds.