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Building for Baja in San Diego – The Safety Protocols

We are building for Baja again! Project Mercy is moving ahead with plans for a special Fall Construction Event on a three acre site in Chula Vista. We are setting the stage for a special build of housing components for shipment to Mexico. This event is being organized with great care and consideration for both the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved. The proposed date is October 24.

Expanded Community Service Opportunities

During these difficult COVID-19 times we are expanding our team experience right here in San Diego.

Volunteering is a profound experience, join our team and see the difference our program can make to you. Our service opportunities strengthen bonds within your community, teach leadership skills and encourage compassion and self-reliance. At the same time you are creating bi-national understanding and the ability to improve the lives of a very disadvantaged portion of society just south of our border in the Tijuana/Tecate region.

You can make this difference by working with us to assemble housing units in San Diego with your colleagues or family and friends. Please contact us to for details on how you can participate in a day of giving that will change your lives through the Community Development Projects program. You can also stay informed of all upcoming opportunities by signing up for our newsletter.

Community Development Projects, Inc. has been providing volunteer opportunities to youth and service groups throughout San Diego since 1996. Since then we have made presentations to multiple service and youth groups, companies and individuals, and have welcomed the participation of 1000s of people in our house building program. We are encouraging our old friends and new groups to learn more about this worthwhile experience.

How to Continue Helping from San Diego

We have volunteers from both sides of the border waiting to get back to work. We hope to have our Mexican Crew start work late August and get some groups together this Fall in Chula Vista. Both will involve a good amount of social distancing in a secure setting. Let’s get back to work!

Our Mission

The mission of Project Mercy is to construct solid and secure houses and improve the quality of life for impoverished families in Mexico.

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What Can You Do?

Paula Claussen CNN Hero

In January of 1991 a friend invited Paula Claussen to make the short trip from her home in San Diego, California, across the border to Tijuana, Mexico, to donate clothing to people in need. Claussen didn’t expect that day to change the course of her life.

“I was shocked by the conditions that I saw down there,” she said. “It was something that touched me very deeply, and I determined to try to do something about it. “.

As a direct result Project Mercy was created to improve living conditions and eventually, to build solid homes. The nonprofit has constructed more than 1,600 free homes for people living in Tijuana’s most desperate communities.

Adequate shelter is a basic human need

Every house built not only provides a solid and secure home for a family in need, but also hope for a better future.

Please visit the About Us page to view video of volunteers in action in our construction program.

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