On Saturday February 18, International Relief Teams brought down an amazing crew to Mexico to work with Project Mercy in a special build.

The event was a memorial build for the business partner, Lucas Saxe, of an IRT volunteer named Mike.

It was a nice way to honor the memory of his friend. Lucas’ wife Beth also participated in the build and was a really hardworking addition to the Team.

The Perez Echeberria family of five are hardworking and really appreciative of the help they have received to obtain a solid house to call home. Their little shack was well built but tiny with only enough space to cram in two single beds which they pushed together for them all to sleep on.

Antonio, the dad, had told us prior to receiving their new home: “There is no money to build a larger or better house. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have much work. I do a lot of things from bricklayer to tile installer,but I can’t make ends meet. Economically we live from day to day, and I am always hoping for a better job.

With two teenage children going to school and hoping to have rewarding careers, plus an eight year old son, their new home is a true blessing.

Thank you all, we will remember Lucas with gratitude.