Laura and Misael have been in Tijuana for just over a year. They migrated from central Mexico because Laura’s sister, who lives in Tijuana, told them they could find work in the city.

They are in the process of buying land in east Tijuana in a neighborhood where Project Mercy works, but, typically, cannot afford to build a decent home or to buy day to day necessities. Misael works in a gas station and makes up to 1,700 pesos (about $89US) per week.

They have a very sweet daughter named Rebeca, who is eight. She likes going to school and especially likes to study mathematics. She hopes to be a teacher someday. There is also a new arrival, a new baby girl who was born at the very beginning of 2023.

Project Mercy, along with the Hernandez Chino family gives it’s heartfelt thanks to the Jack D.Taylor Charitable Trust for their generous grant donation that made it possible to give this family a new solid and secure home.

Laura says: “Having a decent house is very important for our whole family so that we can feel safer. The sponsors are very good people for helping the most needy people in our neighborhood and country. We are very grateful to our sponsors for helping us.