The generosity of a sponsor led to Roberto and the crew in Mexico being able to build a much needed home for Ana Maria and her young family.

The Lozano Torres family

Both Ana Maria and her husband Guillermo are from Michoacan, and they have been together for 6 years. They migrated to Tijuana in 2022 in search of employment and hoping for a better quality of life. At first they lived with relatives while they saved up money for a deposit on a small plot of land. However, typically, there is no electricity, running water or sewer system.

During the winter rains and winds, the plastic sheeting they used for a roof ripped and blew off. Ana Maria and Guillermo were worried for the health of their children. They have three little children, Dilan 4, Melanie 3 and Juan Daril, eighteen months.

Ana Mara said: “Only my husband can work because I need to stay home and care for the children. What he earns is not sufficient to cover all our household expenses and the land, and pay for a more stable and safer house.”

Their plight is echoed in many families in these neighborhoods, but happily for the Lozano Torres family a generous sponsor enabled them to receive a solid little house to call home at last.

Project Mercy is planning for this to be the first of many houses built in 2023.