Laura was born in Gerrero and Alfredo in Morelos. They met while working in a factory and migrated to Tijuana about 3 years ago in search of work and a better future. Alfredo works in a factory and earns 1900 pesos a week (@$100) per week.

In Laura’s own words :

One of the problems that affects us the most is that we don’t have electricity, running water, and a sewer system. We have to buy water from a passing tanker truck, and it is getting more and more expensive.

Another of our problems is that there are no stores in our area, and since we don’t have reliable electricity, we must walk a long distance to buy our food daily.

Economically, things are very difficult for us. Much of the money that Alfedo brings home is absorbed for the things the baby needs, and that leaves little for food basics for the rest of the family.

I have a tumor on the left side of my head. From time to time I have convulsions. Although I am taking medicine for the symptoms, the doctors cannot remove the tumor because it is in a very dangerous location.

Receiving a decent house is of great help to us since we do not have the means to build one on our own. We needed a comfortable home for baby because I am worried about the approaching cold and rain. We thank you for taking us into account. Your help would is a great blessing.

On December 17th, 2022 a new home was built for Gerrero and Alfredo in a joint effort between International Relief Teams and Project Mercy Baja.

Tijuana BC

Note: Original post by Paul Trimble, a long time International Relief Teams and Project Mercy volunteer.