On December 4, Rancho Bernardo Sunrise and Rancho Bernardo Noon Rotary Clubs, joined by their fellow Mexican Rotary members including Raphael Nunez of Club Rotario Tijuana Independencia, started off the Christmas Season by building homes for two poor families in Mexico. They began the festivities in good style making dreams come true and hopes for a bright future become a reality for both families.

Athenea from RB Noon Rotary Club commented that there were a lot of cars at the border on the return, but that the memory of the smiles on the faces of the family for whom they had just built a house, made it worthwhile. Jeb Bakke of RB Sunrise Club had a big smile on his face too as he played soccer with various little boys who happily went home with a gifted ball brought by Rafael Nunez of the Mexican Rotary Club. There was a lot of painting and hammering and gift giving, fun for everyone.

Two new houses, what wonderful gifts these are for the Monsalvo and Munoz families!

Thank you to everyone involved for your help and support.

Happy Holidays to you all.