Project Mercy Baja not only builds houses, but also brings holiday cheer to our friends south of the border.

In the Valle de las Palmas neighorhood on the east side of Tijuana there is a school supported by both Project Mercy Baja and the Foundation for Educating Disadvantaged Youth ( The school is hosted on the grounds of the Centro Educatico Jesuscristo church adminstered by Jesus Estrada and his wife Rosa Emilia Mzrz. The children who attend this school would probably not be able to attend a regular public school due to the cost and transporation challenges of getting to and from school.

This week Project Mercy Baja supported the school’s holiday festival with pinatas, gift bags, clothes and toys. At the end of the fiesta, the school cooked a hot meal for all of the students.

It was a good day to be in Baja!