We give thanks here at home for family, friends, food and shelter. A few miles across the border to our south there are those who pray for exactly the same thing.

We are so thankful to the many friends of Project Mercy that understand the dire poverty where we work in Mexico, from seeing the hardships first hand or hearing our story, and for their generous in-kind or monetary support to provide basic needs.

Here are some of the words we hear from families we help:

Jareli Hernandez Cruz tells us: “We are going through a very hard economic situation since we are new in the area and are looking for steady work. Although we are trying to make improvements in our house, which is a single room, rain dust and insects are filtering in. We do not have any furniture, and sleep on cardboard on the dirt floor. We are living day-to-day and sometimes we have to go without food and rely on the generosity of our neighbors.

In Antonio Perez Echeberra’s own words: “At the moment we are struggling and sleeping in a cramped room. There is no money to build a larger or better house. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have much work. I do a lot of things from bricklayer to tile installer, but I can’t make ends meet. Economically we live from day to day, and I am always hoping for a better job. We are a very humble and needy family. We can really use the help.

Projects Mercy Baja builds solid little houses, but, thanks to the kindness of others we are also able to provide food and basic household necessities to many desperate families. It brings a lot of relief to have a bed to sleep on, a table to eat at, and, most importantly, food to put on that table.

We are thankful to everyone that supports the Project Mercy mission and incidentally forges bonds of friendship and gratitude between families from both sides of the border.