Our long time supporters Whitaker Facilities Corporation, sponsored but were not able to build, a house for Baja Challenge. This past weekend our incredible Mexican crew, led by Roberto and with a lot of help from the Chona family, built this, the last of the Baja Challenge 2022 houses.

The Gerrero Chona family migrated to Tijuana 2 years ago because thy were told there are more opportunities to find work here. Now they both work in factories and earn a combined salary of around $196. Their children have high hopes of studying to find good jobs, except 7 year old Leonardo who is more interested in playing with his friends right now, although he does like firefighters.

They work hard but daily survival is a struggle as is transportation and school supplies for 14 year old Manuel, who’s school is a long way away. He wants to study medicine. Life in Tijuana may give more opportunities but it is still not easy.

Thanks to Whitaker Facilities Corporation for making their hopes come true. The family says: “Thank you very much for this opportunity. May God bless you for helping people in need.”