Tara Higbee from Tranont of Lehi, Utah, traveled with a group of friends and colleagues to Mexico last week. On November 4 and 5, led by Mike Meziere, they built homes for three families. It was an extraordinary event that brought joy and happiness all around.

Jose Luis Rodriguez works in a poultry store and earns around $105 per week. He and his wife Lucero have three children. Six year old Luis Fabien has recently learned how to cook chicken so he can help his father at work. Now that schools are open again after he pandemic, life is more expensive and difficult as they and their needs grow.

The Hernadez Cruz family of five came to Tijuana, as many migrants do, because they hoped to make a better life. Jacobo and Jareli are looking for steady work, but are making do working odd jobs where they can at the moment. Jareli says ” We are going through a very hard economic situation since we are new to the area. Although we are trying to making improvements to our house, which is just a single room, dust and insects filter in.” The third family that had the joy of receiving a home, was the young Villafane Romeo family, Evelyn, 22, stays at home to look after their young son Isaac, 2 years old. Fernanco, 26, works in a local factory and earns $129 er week.

All families said the same of their situations “We don’t have running water, electricity or a bathroom. It is a long way to schools and work with little transportation. Having a decent house would be very important to us, it would be a great blessing for our family. Thank you for helping us and people who struggle. May God continue to bless you so that you can help more people in need.”

Tranont is a health focused company that combines high-quality, clean products, wealth, education, and entrepreneurial opportunity to change life for good. Aimed at impacting one billion lives, the Utah-based company was founded in 2003 and operates in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This past weekend they did indeed change lives for the better, thank you all.