August is a very hot month but John Zawis and his friends and colleagues from both sides of the border, brought relief ad joy to one more family this past weekend.

The Guerrero Mendez family of five lived in a small rundown shack with holes in the walls, a tarp for a roof and a dirt floor. When the wind blows, dust covers everything in the house. These are hazardous living conditions that many poor families have to cope with just south of the border. Project Mercy is so happy that the generosity of a wide range of donors makes it possible for us to build extra houses for families in need such as Sarai and Delfino Guerrero Mendez.

Delfino was born in Tijuana but Sarai’s mother brought her up from Jalapa, looking for a better life. They have two sons 8 ad 7 Cristofer and Francisco. Sari’s sister also lives with them. Delfino works in a factory and earns just $92 per week.

When we took Sarai’s application for a house in January of this year, she said: “Like all those around us we endure many difficulties ever day. Our house is very small ad the walls still have holes in them. To receive a decent house would be a dream for me. My family would not get sick as much. It is a blessing for my children and we would every grateful and happy Thank you very much for this great help.

You are very welcome Sarai and Delfino, and many thanks to our loyal volunteers and workers too.