Kat Peppers of La Jolla Girl Scout Troup, and her daughter, joined lead builder Dave Mason and friends from both sides of the border, to build a home for the Roblero Bravo family. The family lives in a neighborhood that is new to us, Colonia Eliyaju. Dave said it was a wonderful site with tremendous views and his Wild at Heart group had a great day. La Jolla Girl Scout Troup presented Dave with a check towards this build raised through the Kiwanis Foundation, and we thank them so much for their participation and hope they will join us again in the future.

Both Juana and Edgar Roblero Bravo were born in Chiapas. They migrated to Tijuana 4 years ago due to low wages in Chiapas, and lack of opportunity to better their lives and give their children a better future. Edgar now works in a factory and earns around $104 per week.

Juana says: “It is very difficult economically to support 7 people with school expenses, food and basic household items. We have almost no space for the girls…our house is in very bad shape and we do not have money to fix it.

Thanks heavens they now have a secure and solid house to call home.