On June 11, 2022 after an enforced pandemic absence of two years, Project Mercy was delighted to welcome back International Relief Teams (IRT) to build a house in Mexico. The house was sponsored by Rich Youske and family, Rick is the chairman of the IRT Board of directors.

We were also delighted to welcome the new IRT CEO, Angelica Ocampo. Angelica was very enthused by the project, and had a great time building and painting alongside the rest of the group. Thanks also go to our old friend and supporter Rose Uranga. It was a great day meeting new people and greeting old friends as well as providing another needy family with a solid house to call home.

The Garcia Morales family migrated to Tijuana from Acapulco 6 years ago in search of work and to provide a better life for their children.

Mom Margarita explained that water and electricity are scarce and expensive. Transportation is far away and only her husband Jessie and 18 year old son Jesus Antonio, work. Daughter Genesis is 15 and still a student. Margarita has had open heart surgery and cannot afford to keep up with the medication.

Such is the difficulty of life in the colonias just across our US border, but Margarita is eternally grateful for the help they have received.

She says: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. May God bless you for helping those who need it most.