100+ degree heat could not stop the Interact club of La Jolla High School from completing their mission: to build a home in one day for the Chino Vernal family of nine out in the dusty hills of eastern Tijuana. The build had been planned for several months and with the help of a mix of parents and a couple of members of La Jolla Rotary club they pulled it off.

Craig Schniepp spearheaded the construction and has put together Interact Club home builds for many years, and even he said:

“Long day and might have been the hottest day we have worked in that I can remember. We brought what we thought was a ridicules amount of water and all went home with none.”

The group built the entire house in under 8 hours. They proved themselves to be a strong and determined crew. As you can see from the photograph of Craig’s T-shirt, the school mascot is the Vikings!

Grandma Hilaria told us that transportation and the markets are far away and that they live day-to-day which brings it’s own problems since they are such a large family. She added: “I can’t express enough how important a decent house would be especially for my grandchildren.” We are always eternally grateful to all the caring people that want to help.

Thank you Vikings!